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We want to hear from you. How can we improve the local environment? What would make living or working in Aigburth better? What issues need addressing? What services are missing?

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    Book Exchange
    10 months agoopen0
    As there's no library in Mossley Hill ward, how about we have a book exchange at 361 Aigburth Road?
  • 6
    Repair Shop
    9 months agoopen0
    To help avoid fabrics and other items going to landfill, could we have somewhere local where things could be repaired or repurposed instead of being discarded?
  • 5
    Reduce traffic
    7 months agoopen1
    Aigburth is now a traffic sewer. It spoils the positives of living here in so many ways. These days I am Taking my life in my hands if I try to venture onto any of the roads of Aigburth on a bike. it’... Read more...
  • 3
    Upcycling project
    6 months agoopen0
    Wonder if we could look at learning how to improve old clothes . A dressmaking class or advice shop ?
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    Compost bins
    4 months agoopen0
    It would be great to have communal compost bins for Augburth. There's a green space near the shop or maybe on Sudley Field?
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