Everyone’s Aigburth is a not for profit, company limited by guarantee. Registered in England. Company Number: 12790356.

We operate as a social enterprise, which means that our aims are about social good, putting people before profit.

Any profits are invested back into the organisation. Which means that the £3.50 food club fees contribute towards the costs of rent, utility bills, stock etc.

We were set up with a grant from Liverpool City Council, thanks to the support of local councillors. This meant that we could secure premises for the first 12 months, and purchase shelving and stock, while developing the membership enough to cover our costs for the future.

Articles of Association

Our articles of association contain clauses that confirm our status as a not for profit company, and our asset lock clause means that, if the company is dissolved any assets are passed on to other not for profit or community organisations.

Our Articles of Association specifically names Sudley Area Residents Association as the beneficiary of our assets should the company be wound up.


As a limited company, we have a board of directors, but as a social enterprise, the directors are more like charity trustees. Their time is offered up on a voluntary basis with no renumeration for their position.

Our directors / trustees are:

  • Jackie Bligh
  • Angela Hayden
  • Eileen Kelly
  • Katherine Milligan
  • Helen Stephens.

The board meets on a monthly basis to agree future plans, monitor the finances and ensure our legal obligations are being met.

If you’ve been to visit us, you’ll likely have met one or all of the directors. All were instrumental in getting the organisation started, cleaning and decorating the shop, and are regular volunteers at the food club.