Why are you only open for a few hours per week?

We concentrate our food club on a small window each week, because most of our food is surplus stock with a short shelf life. If we opened more frequently, and members shopped whenever they wanted, lots of food might pass its use by date and be wasted. We receive our main delivery on Tuesday afternoon and make the food available during 2 time periods – Tuesday evening by appointment only, and Wednesday open access 1pm – 3pm. That way the food we receive will be redistributed while it’s still in date.

Is the food club means tested?

No the food club is open to everyone, we charge a nominal fee and are driven by the motive of reducing food waste. The more people that shop with us, the more food is saved from landfill.

Who is behind Everyone’s Aigburth?

Everyone’s Aigburth is an independent social enterprise. The board consists of 5 women who live or work in Aigburth, all driven by a desire to bring people together for the good of the community. None of the directors are remunerated for their role on the board and income is reinvested in the organisation

Is it all run by volunteers?

Mostly. We have one paid member of staff working 1 day per week, to manage the admin and finance, write grant applications and monitoring reports and take care of communications. The day to day running of the food clubs, deliveries etc is all lead by volunteers.

Is it something to do with the church?

No. We took over the lease of the building after Aigburth Methodist Church moved out.

Is it run by the council?

No. We applied to the council for grant funding to get started.

Why do you use plastic bags?

We bag up fresh produce into portions, but we use eco-friendly compostable bags.